Presentation of NewCode™ by François Faure, President of NewCode Conseil SAS (French)


We support our clients in the implementation of NewCode ™. Our client can be the company itself, or one of its stakeholders: governance body, management, human capital representative, investor.

Our offering covers a wide range of consulting and support services ranging from a feasibility study to the extensive engineering of a NewCode ™ transformation.

What is NewCode

NewCode ™ is a new form of association between financial and human capital, which gives the latter a central role in the enterprise. NewCode ™ reverses the relationship between the company and its capital, allowing the company to contractually control the cost of its capital, rather than being geared towards the only goal of maximizing it. Conversely, investors benefit from a commitment from human capital to protect a minimum return. Finally, human capital gains a real influence on governance and a largely increased incentive.

NewCode ™ opens up a wide range of opportunities for the company to improve its governance, which as a result of NewCode is freed up from its previous goal of maximizing shareholder value, as well as social relations, strategic, operational and financial planning, value sharing and motivation of human capital.

Académie NewCode

The Académie NewCode is a not for profit organisation that brings together personalities and skills whose support is necessary for the successful development of NewCode ™ in the economy: employee representatives bodies, business leaders, financiers, lawyers, business transformation practitioners, influential people.

The Académie is responsible for the development and maintenance of the NewCode Enterprise System, which is a comprehensive formulation of NewCode ™, to be made available to practitioners for implementation in the economy. The NewCode Enterprise System comprises 4 chapters: Consensual Enterprise Project, Capital Protection and Value Sharing, Financial Structure and Governance. Each chapter includes a presentation of relevant NewCode ™ principles and recommendations for their implementation.