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Purpose and vision

We believe that economic progress and its adequacy to people’s aspirations now require the development of a renovated enterprise format, the “emancipated enterprise”, which will prioritize the human dimension and aim at the creation of “societal” value.

We have set ourselves the mission to present enterprises and the financial and services infrastructure that supports them, with an emancipated enterprise model that they can fully commit to: NewCode™.

With NewCode™, the remuneration of capital is contractual rather than residual, allowing the enterprise to pursue societal objectives while keeping shareholders happy.


Emancipating capital will be the spearhead of responsible investing

The enterprise is the key component of our economic system, it has to have a « societal » aim

The emancipated enterprise is the best possible client for responsible investing

The emancipated enterprise is involved in the improvement of people’s living environment and helps regions to thrive

Self accomplishment of individuals should be an essential objective of any enterprise project

Enterprise emancipation is not a dream, it is a societal necessity

A consensual enterprise project is a bankable one

Equitable value sharing means higher engagement and increased efficiency

Transparent and equitable downside scenario management preserves enterprise value

Governance is the place for consensus between stakeholders, not for worshipping shareholders value

An emancipated enterprise is keen to roll out social best practice across its footprint

Social dialogue is the platform for harmonious working together, it must be granted all necessary resources to function properly

An emancipated enterprise is autonomous, consensual, responsible and societal

In an emancipated enterprise, interests of human and financial capital are aligned

The emancipated enterprise is the social protection system for capital.

The emancipated enterprise implements its stakeholders’ environmental responsibility

Discover NewCode™

NewCode™ seen by capital providers

NewCode™ presents equity investors with a potential for improvement of the risk/reward profile of any enterprise project. Indeed it allows an improvement of the enterprise efficiency and a better control on risks, through a higher engagement from human capital and other stakeholders in the enterprise project.

NewCode by François Faure

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