Emancipated Enterprise System

NewCode™ is the enterprise system for emancipated enterprises. It was developed by Group NewCode, based on the work of the Académie NewCode, a think tank gathering personalities from very diverse horizons and active in 2016 and 2017. It was then enriched through exchanges with academic and business institutions such as the Collège des Bernardins, the Chaire “Theory of Enterprise” of Mines-ParisTech, France Invest and the Institut de l’Entreprise, through the factoring in of the evolution of the corporate legislative and regulatory framework in France, with the emergence of the status of Mission Companies, and also through the experience acquired on the first actual implementation cases.

With NewCode™, the emancipation of an enterprise starts with the identification of key stakeholders and the setting up of a purpose and a mission that will encapsulate the enterprise’s ambitions of societal value creation. NewCode™ then revisits essential functions in the enterprise system, such as governance, strategic and business planning, value sharing and downside scenario management, in order to make them fit for the pursuit of the enterprise mission. Finally, NewCode™ sets up a proper interface between the emancipated enterprise and capital providers though its financial structuring component.

Système d'Entreprise NewCode